Classic motorcycles service

We have a positive attitude towards classic and historical motorcycles and have been a major part of our portfolio for years. Take a look at examples of our work below. If you are interested in servicing historic cars, please click here.

Magdynam and magnet refurbishment

We perform overhauls of magdynam, dynamos and ignition magnets, including rewinding coils, replacement of capacitors and bearings and other necessary modifications.

Walter 350 OHC


Adjustment of clearances on bevel gears, timing of distribution and ignition, comparison of the bearing surface of the head and centering shoulder, …

Scott Flying Squirrel


The motorcycle was purchased incomplete in boxes.

Bylo potřeba vyrobit některé cIt was necessary to manufacture some missing parts and make a complete GO of the engine and gearbox, to manufacture all bearings in the engine, to manufacture the gearbox housings, to repair the threads,… we intentionally left the rest of the machine in its original „patina“ condition. See the video documentation below.

Norton 16 H


Disassembly of incomplete engine, obtaining missing connecting rod, piston, connecting rod bearing and bolts, adjustment of connecting rod cylinders, regrinding of connecting rod pin, production of connecting rod bearing part, engine assembly, new electrics from braided cables, production of missing parts to front fork, production of number plate, overall commissioning machines,…

Jawa 250 Pérák


complete revival of the motorcycle, including electricity

Ariel HS 500


Valve clearance adjustment, magnet repair

Norton Dominator 99


complete GO engine: regrinding of the crank, replacement of connecting rods, regrinding of cylinders and insertion of new pistons, piston rings and pins, complete GO cylinder heads: regrinding of the bearing surface, milling of seats, new valves and guides

acceleration of oil pump speed, rewinding of magnet ignition coil new gearbox housings and bearings

Norton ES2


tank soldering, resealing, cylinder removal, decarbonisation, ignition repair, clutch repair… more in the video below

Royal Enfield Interceptor


Repair of the gearbox and clutch, modification of the clutch plates (at that time it was not possible to get the appropriate plates for this model)

BSA A65 Lightning


Commissioning, replacement of original connecting rods with more durable racing ones, modification of the lubrication system, conversion of the crankshaft timing side to a needle bearing, modification of the engine to a three-bearing crankshaft bearing…

Norton Commando 850


Motorcycle service for Veterán klub Všechlapy AČR. You have replaced and adjusted the carburetors, replaced the filter, ground the head, modified the lubrication and other operations, see. video below

Triumph Bonneville T140V


Disassembly and cleaning of the engine, replacement of connecting rod shafts, composition of the engine, overhaul of brakes

Norton Commando 850


complete GO engine: removal of the engine, gearbox, finishing of missing cylinder ribs, regrinding of the head, milling of seats, replacement of guides, replacement of valves, repair of threads in the head, resealing, replacement of silentblocks (isolastic), adjustment, repair of swingarm bearings, repair of gearbox (production of bushings, replacement of the second gear wheel and a cracked tread segment), knitting of new electricity…

Ducati SS900 Darmah


putting motorcycle into operation, replacement of clutch springs, cleaning and adjustment of carburetors, production of turn signal mounts, adjustment of valve clearances, …



Repair of wiring and other minor modifications to the motorcycle

Ducati 900 MHR


Production of diaphragms for accelerator pumps, cleaning and adjustment of carburetors, resealing of intake ports, replacement of ignition cables, measurement of charging, movement of front brakes, replacement of brake fluid, …

Repairs of flowing tanks

We repair fuel tanks

We will be happy to help with your motorcycle as well!

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