Curriculum vitae

Working with old machines is my passion and I perceive it as my life mission.

Jan Műller

mechanic, engineer, toolmaker, technologist

I have longed to repair veterans of all kinds since childhood, but the opportunity to work in this field has long been a pious wish for me. But I devoted practically all my free time to historic vehicles. I consider the knowledge and daily practical experience in the field of materials, their properties and technological procedures, the possibilities of their machining and further processing to be beneficial from my previous jobs. I am happy to return to a lathe, milling machine or round grinder in our workshop.


Since the summer of 2021, I have been working as a self-employed person primarily in the following areas of activity:

Previous employment

Motorcycle mechanic UNIVOK – KTM

(2020 – 2021)
A short but important stage in my life was the work of a solo–mechanic in an authorized KTM motorcycle service. I gained a lot of experience with modern motorcycles and daily work contributed to the achievement of routine in performing routine service tasks, changing tires, deepening skills in motoring and, for example, preparing motorcycles for races.

Did you know that Steve McQueen was hired by his friend Bud Ekins for a short time in preparation for the legendary 1964 ISDT Trial Races?

Production cooperator and technologist at Nisaform s.r.o.

(2012 – 2020)
8 years in the tool room, in addition to further experience in machining, production cooperation and technological consulting, also helped me to establish important contacts throughout the country, which I still appreciate.

CNC milling machine operator at MAGNA International
(2000 – 2010)
10 years in my first job broadened my horizons in the field of machining, knowledge of materials and possibilities of their processing. It helped me set priorities, what style I want to work with and which I don’t.

Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman.

Thank you to my wife – not just for the idea of creating Living 4 the Past and managing the site.

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