Classic and historical cars service

We have experience with a wide range of vintage and historical cars: from war trucks to genuine sports cars.

Fordson WOT2C


Complete renovation of the historical war car, including the production of the cabin and hull. The car is built in our country from almost zero, the whole renovation took about 6 years.

Only the chassis with a rusted, considerably incomplete engine was preserved, only the mask, fenders, wheel arches and bonnet made of sheets (the cabin on the first photo did not belong to this type of car).

We had to make the rest of the car based on only a few period photographs, because there was no other car of the same type to measure, we had to make the following parts: windshields, dashboard, floor, tool box, tanks, tank mounts, tarpaulin roof construction , complete body including canister holders and tool box.

The car is currently fully functional (see video).

Dodge WC53


Complete renovation of an American war car. Removal of old paint, spraying, grinding and milling of valve seats, sewing of tarpaulin and seats, production of wooden body trim,…

Triumph TR4A


Synchronization of carburetors, adjustment of valve clearances and removal of other small in-line four-cylinder pains.

At the customer’s request, the entire service was performed in his own workshop.

Puch Steyr Haflinger


We received the machine with inoperative brakes and it was not possible to start it.

Cleaning the fuel system and repairing the fuel pump, disassembly and boiling of the carburetor, adjustment of valves and ignition, replacement of all operating fluids, modification of the fan pulley, disassembly of the main brake cylinder, overcharging, fitting with new guns, disassembly of wheel brake cylinders and commissioning of the brake system, including replacement of brake hoses and cleaning of drum friction surfaces, adjustment of brake eccentrics, repair of electrical installations, sewing of complete seats and backrests, weaving of the seat frame.

Jaguar E-Type


Commissioning of the car and overhaul of brakes.

Volkswagen Beetle


Replacement of valve guides, milling of valve seats, fitting with new springs, ringing of pistons, fitting with new bearings on the crankshaft, oil pump grinding, complete cleaning and spraying of cooling air baffles …

Triumph TR6


engine block cleaning, crankshaft grinding, new bearings, oil pump replacement, head regrinding, valve grinding, timing chain replacement, aluminum radiator air rectifier production, new carburetor mounting, clutch replacement, rear wheel bearings replacement, differential holder repair …

Datsun 360Z


General commissioning of the car, cleaning and adjustment of carburetors, repair of electrical installations, repair of windows, replacement of brake fluid, inspection of brakes and brake bleeding.

Triumph Spitfire 1500


Complete renovation of the car, GO engine and chassis, production and painting of wooden parts of the dashboard, complete repair of seats, including foam,…

BMW 320/6 E21


Idle adjustment, mixture richness adjustment, carburetor adjustment, …

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