Service of historic vehicles

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Our motto: We pamper history for the future!

czech workshop with respect for tradition

We have been servicing and renovating historic motorcycles and cars since 1998.

Our mechanic Jan Műller is also a toolmaker, engineer and technologist, see curriculum vitae. In addition to historic vehicles, we also have extensive experience with new motorcycles, so we are no strangers to modern technology. But we prefer to manage old machines using classic procedures!

Can’t get the parts? Does not matter. We are able to produce them in our workshop. We are also engaged in machining and production of parts and fixtures. The advantage is also ourcontacts to foreign suppliers of parts.

Everything can be fixed, it wasn’t made by the magician

Jan Műller

Classic and historical car service

Repairs & Maintenance. Vintage, classic and sports car repair, specialist in all mechanical and engine work …

Classic motorcycles service

We have experience with a wide range of motorcycle veterans not only of British production including refurbishing magdynam

Machining and production of parts

turning, milling, welding, round and flat grinding,… Use the services of our equipped workshop

We often perform the following work:

  • motorcycle and car service
  • engine repairs
  • clutch repairs
  • Defining the gearbox shafts
  • production of shaft bushes
  • machining and production of parts and fixtures incl. heat treatment and surface treatment
  • valve clearance adjustment
  • grinding of valve washer cups and valves
  • realignment of cylinder heads
  • valve seat milling
  • refurbishment of ignitions excited by a permanent magnet (magnets, magnets)
  • overhaul dynam
  • repairs of flowing tanks
  • hard and soft soldering
  • plumbing work
  • carburetors: cleaning, synchronization, reconditioning
  • wheels: sliding, strings, centering
  • change of motorcycle fillings (engine oil, fork oil, antifreeze,…)
  • electricity, wiring repair
  • fuel maps for Triumph (OBD2)
  • rebuilding of motorcycles, including computer visualization

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What went through our hands / screwdriver 🙂


Norton motorcycles


Triumph motorcycles


other classic motorcycles


historical cars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I like to entrust the machine where it will improve and adjust beyond my expectations

…and the right address is at Living 4 the Past. I appreciate the friendly approach with knowledge and technical background that you will find at this address. I recommend to all and thank you!

Jan Hanzlík

Chairman of the Oldtimer Club Všechlapy AČR

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